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Latest Games
We make games for different age groups

We aim to provide a variety of games in different categories whether it be simple Tap games and Action games with an Indian touch to it.

For Kids : We've made simple games with childlike stories & graphics, and the games which are easy to play, have less inputs, the games which helps to sharpen children Minds.

For Students/Youth : We've made adventurous games with realistic graphics & interesting stories & missions, and the games which are complicated to play, need more inputs & are full of fun and entertainment, with the integration of social media in game so that players can show-off & share results between each other.

For Upper Aged Players : At this age users are filled with experience, with good IQ's and strategies to solve anything, so we've made mind games with strategic stories & beautiful graphics for them, and the games which might easy to play, but hard enough to complete, the games which helps to prove your skills & strategies.